Essays on mandalas, spirituality and the universe by Peter Patrick Barreda.
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The Dream of the Cosmic Mandala

Nothingness swirls and flows about itself in an eternal night of its own creation
Where Emptiness and Non-Existence stand astride the cosmic void
To guard a treasured and eternal point of being,
Mystic and elaborate and dense with a beauty and potential
Beyond the scope of all logic and wonder,
Thick with form and pattern in a multi-folded universe of sweet anticipation
Where the broiling energies of deep essential being
Flux and flame and forge a quick ascending pressure,
Building past the pires within
To fast expand the bindu-soul
Beyond itself, beyond the night, beyond the reaches of the mind,
From Nothing into Something flows the outward-racing wind,
The force of potent being, bearing forth the searing wave of essence,
Forms a sphere of cosmic spirit in a vibrant, vast mandala
Full of breath and life and energy,
A light that burns and glows and spreads like flaming liquid through the night
To reach and touch the furthest edges of the known,
While eddies form and fix into a mealstrom of blazing jewels
That live and breathe and burst divine into the dark,
And rocks are born and bear in turn the fruits and flowers of every hue,
And beasts of every size and shape to fill the land and sea
And slowly eyes that open inward toward the burning flames within
To wonder and to seek the truths of ancient queries—
Marvel at the mysteries, create the uncreated—
To draw a mythic circle on the rocky, sandy ground,
And finally, at long, long last, the vast mandala looks within and sees itself
In the enigmatic mirror of consciousness
And realizes it is dreaming
The most beautiful dream in the universe.

March 17, 2006
by Peter Patrick Barreda, material copyright 2009, all rights reserved


1 Carrie { 12.31.09 at 6:39 pm }

What a beautiful poem, Patrick. “The most beautiful dream in the universe” in deed. Have you heard this report about the universe itself BEING a mandala? YOU should check it out. It’s going to trip you out!

2 Peter Patrick Barreda { 01.19.10 at 3:22 pm }

carrie, thanks for the link, it’s a great report! when you think about it, what else could the cosmos be but a mandala of unimaginable proportions? i feel there is little difference between many of the scientific, philosophical and mystical accounts of the nature of being, but that is a difficult position to defend, precisely because of the difference between feelings and words, between our innate ability to sense and the inadequate tools that we use to relate those sensations. thanks again, fascinating article!

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