Essays on mandalas, spirituality and the universe by Peter Patrick Barreda.
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About me…

     I’ve been drawing mandalas in one form or another for as long as I can remember, before I understood either their spiritual or their psychological significance. Since then I’ve learned much about them that has come to fascinate me, not the least of which are their amazing Jungian references to some unknown yet common universal link between us all, as well as between us and our distant, forgotten origins.
     All of my mandalas are in black and white. They are about the apparent duality of the universe—darkness and light, center and periphery, positive and negative, being and non-being, even the simultaneously unique and infinite arrangement of elementary particles that make up everything in the universe, from stones to stars to the spirit within each of us. The black is representative of matter, mystery and the unconscious. The white represents energy, knowledge and the conscious self. The mandala brings these contrasting elements together and presents a vision of the true unity that surrounds us. Each mandala is an instant, and at the same time an eternity—a captured moment, a feeling that will never be repeated.
     I create my mandalas using pen and ink on acid-free paper, over a lightly-penciled grid to ensure a degree of symmetry. This allows me to be true to what I perceive as the execution of all universal structures—perfect in their abstract forms, yet each with its own unique fluctuation and variety. Sometimes the images have been swimming around in my head for weeks, sometimes I don’t have a clue what’s coming next. But always they feel right and proper, as if I’m uncovering an ancient truth that has lain dormant and forgotten for ages.
     I’m a part-time mandala artist, occasional writer, chronic over-thinker, and webmaster of I’m fascinated by origins and causes, and the deeply-hidden reasons behind everything. This is why I’m so interested in mandalas. They are the underlying pattern for everything in the universe—physical, mental and spiritual, though at their core these three are essentially one. The mandala is a map of the universe within us as well as without. It shows us the connected nature of all being, the interrelations that lie behind the apparent chaos. It illuminates the countless intimate connections between ourselves and the world around us. It teaches us that deep within we hold the key to a serenity and strength beyond our wildest imaginings.